Approval of New Onshore Pipeline Projects


ES Required


No ES Required

Action Needed

14 months +



14 months +

Confirm requirement for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and under which regulation:

  • Pipeline Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2000
  • Public Gas Transporter Pipeline Works (EIA) Regulations 1999
  • Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) ( England and Wales) Regulations 1999 as amended
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations 1999 as amended
  • Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009

Request a screening opinion to identify the need for EIA to accompany either an application of Pipeline Construction Authorisation (PCA) or application for planning consent. (Optional). This may be requested from the Secretary of State, who in turn may consult the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The licensing authority is required by the regulations to respond within three weeks of receipt of a formal screening request.

Request a scoping opinion to define the required scope of any EIA to accompany a PCA/planning application (optional). The licensing authority is required by the regulations to respond within five weeks of receipt of a formal scoping request.

Identify the potential requirement for environmental permitting under the applicable Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) regulatory regime.

14 months+

14 months+

As early as possible

Identify if development occurs in vicinity of any habitats or protected species under EU Habitats Directive. Additional measures and a Habitats Regulatory Assessment may be required.

>12 months

(depending on size of the development and environmental issues presented by the site eg seasonal impacts such as impacts on breeding birds)



Undertake informal consultation with the LPA, relevant agencies and statutory stakeholders.

Undertake EIA and prepare Environmental Assessment (ES).

N/A 6 months
Identify the potential requirement for authorisation(s) under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations (The CAR Regulations).
4 months
Submit application for any required CAR Regulations authorisation(s)
4 months 2 months

Submit application for PCA and/or Planning Permission if necessary supported by the completed ES. (16 week consideration period by the regulatory authority).

Complete necessary advertising of the ES.

If planning permission is being sought, necessary advertising for the ES should be completed including publishing notice(s) in relevant local newspaper(s) along with notices at the proposed development site.

Public Consultation Period on PCA Application (28 day consultation period).

Pipeline Construction Commencement


Key Compliance


Ensure all commitments made within ES submitted in support of the planning application are met in detailed design and subsequent implementation of new pipeline installation and operation.

Ensure all planning conditions of consent received are met within detailed design and implementation of the new project, particularly where planning conditions may update, or superseded commitments made within the submitted ES.

Ensure any requirements for pollution control of the application of the IPPC regime are met.