Well Test – Consent Requirements


Well Test

Extended Well Test

Action Needed


9 months

Determine requirement for an Environmental Statement (ES) by submission of environmental information sections of Master Application Template (MAT)*.

If ES is required, undertake Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and prepare ES.

4 months

4 months

If no asset-wide Oil Pollution Emergency Plan in place, prepare OPEP.


3 months

Submit ES along with Application for Consent for Test Production (PON16) for extended well test .

2 months

2 months

Submit OPEP (if needed) to DESNZ for approval.


* Drilling Operations Application (DRA) for well test from MODU and Production Operations Application (PRA) for platform or within 500 m of platform


 Key Compliance During Well Test

Use efficient burners and consider the need for well test.

If undertaking extended well test, ensure that the rate of oil production complies with the requirements of the Consent for Test Production.

If undertaking extended well test, make monthly reports to the regulatory authority detailing the previous months extended well test details. Notify regulatory authority of extended well test completion and inform them of production status of well.

If flare drop out occurs during well test operation, cease operations and report oil spill via PON1 to DESNZ. Note: a permit/exemption is no longer required for flare drop-out.