Offshore Waste Storage and Transfer – Consent Requirements


Action Needed

Before Waste Generation

Ensure Garbage Management Plan and appropriate procedures are in place.

Ensure any Certificate of Authorisation for Accumulation and Disposal of Radioactive Waste is in place (if required) . A separate Certificate of Authorisation may be required for overboard disposal of LSA liquid waste .

If necessary, ensure registration with SEPA/EA for recycling of packaging waste and that methods are in place for ensuring that recovery obligations are met .

If installing a shipboard incinerator for garbage, ensure it is in compliance with Regulation 16 Annex VI of MARPOL .
Before Waste Transfer
Ensure Transfer Notes for any Controlled Waste transfer to shore are completed .

Ensure Consignment Notes for Special/Hazardous Waste are completed . Ensure waste is correctly marked and labelled for onshore requirements and under the IMDG Code.

Ensure correct Transportation Records are completed for any Radioactive Waste .

Key Compliance for Offshore Waste Storage

Ensure waste is correctly segregated to ensure recycling/reuse objectives and onward transport to shore requirements can be met.

Ensure appropriate authorisations and placards are displayed.

No overboard disposal of garbage. Ensure waste contained and secured in such a way so as to prevent loss overboard .

Encourage waste minimisation and recycling/reuse/recovery of waste as far as possible

Ensure all Transfer Notes and Consignment Notes are retained as required