Well Suspension or Abandonment – Consent Requirements



Action Needed

As early as possible

If there is a need to use explosives in abandonment operation, discussions should be held with JNCC/DESNZ as early as possible to give consideration to any habitats/species issues under the Habitats Regulations

As soon as need for suspension or abandonment known

Summary of chemical use/discharge must be submitted to DESNZ using a Well Intervention Application (even if already covered in existing drilling (Drilling Operations Application, formerly PON15B) or decommissioning (Decommissioning Operations Application, formerly PON15E) submission.
Any deliberate release of oil planned must be subject to a Oil Discharge Permit. Summary must be included in Well Intervention Application and this will trigger issue of the Oil Discharge Permit .
In exceptional circumstances a licence under Part II of FEPA may be required for deposits to the seabed (e.g. rock dumping to cover wellhead). Details should be submitted on a Well Intervention Application. 

Well Suspension or Abandonment


Key Compliance

Ensure compliance with any licence, exemption or consent conditions.

Use technology and other techniques to prevent or reduce chemical discharges.

Monitor and record use and discharge of all chemicals. Report quantitites of chemicals used and discharged to UKOOA EEMS Coordinator.

Report any chemical spills to DESNZ using PON1.

Report any sheens or oil spills to HM Coastguard and DESNZ using PON1.