Cooling Water

For information on the impact of Brexit on oil and gas environmental legislation, please refer to the pdf document downloadable from the Home Page.

Key Legislation and Guidance:

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Supporting Legislation:
Consent Needed: No consent/exemption is required. The Deposits in the Sea (Exemption) Order 1985 provides a general exemption for the overboard discharge of black, grey and cooling water. Other legislation would control or prohibit discharge if it contained oil or chemicals.
How to Apply: There is no consent/exemption to apply for.
Who to Apply to: N/A
When to Apply: N/A
Permit Conditions:


Monitoring: N/A
What to Report: No reporting required.
Who to Report to: N/A
When to Report: N/A
What to do if in breach of consent: N/A
Renewal: N/A
None at present.