Approval for New Project or Major Modification – Consent Requirements


ES Required


No ES Required

Action Needed


>12 months (depends on size of development)

As early as possible

Determine requirement for an Environmental Statement (ES) by submission of Production Operations Application (PRA) (Note: An ES is mandatory for all new fields and for new or increased production of over 500 tonnes of oil or 500,000 m³ gas per day.
Undertake informal consultation with statutory consultees, DESNZ, JNCC and MS/CEFAS.
Identify if development occurs in vicinity of any habitats or protected species under EU Habitats Directive. Additional measures and a Habitats Regulatory Assessment may be required.


Undertake Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and prepare ES.

6 months

Apply in writing to DESNZ for Consent to Locate for fixed installation.


Prepare environmental information section of PRA.


4 months

Submit Production Operations Application (PRA) along with Application for Consent (PON16).

3 months


Submit ES along with Application for Consent (PON16).

Project Approval

Also see summary tables for Production Consents and New Pipeline if appropriate.

 Key Compliance

Ensure all commitments made within ES submitted to DESNZ are met with in detailed design and subsequent implementation of new project or modification.

Ensure all production or other consents are met (see Production Consents)